Camelot Health – Commitments & Social Responsibility

Principal Goals

Committed to the transformation of some of the worst habits of mankind for the benefit of our beloved Planet;

Committed to minimizing waste and maximizing the use of the substances we do take from our Planet;

Committed to the furtherance of community, cooperation and peace;

Committed to the Yoga of Love and Compassion – at least 25% of the profits from Camelot-Health are directed to the welfare, care, and protection of brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom with whom we share this Planet;

A New Social Responsibility

Man has been led to believe that commerce equals competition.  Competition is the antithesis of peace and cooperation.  Competition requires that one must prevail over another; that one must conquer another.  In this new Golden Age that commenced in December of 2012, the old habits of businesses seeking to profit by standing upon the backs of others must yield to cooperation or else those businesses shall fall by the wayside.  They shall fall by the wayside as people wake up by the thousands and tens of thousands; making new choices that create harmony and that support one another and support the continuation of life on this planet.

Camelot Health is appointed to support the new way by providing new and better choices.


taking our responsibility seriously

alternative technologies that save the planet and environment and support life