How is it that this is not widely known about?

How is it that ozone generators are not built into washing machines in the first place?

The truth is simple, but not pleasant: the washing machine makers would not sell as many washing machines and the laundry detergent makers would lose their multi-billion dollar industry.  It comes down to making a profit and the only way; the ONLY WAY this will change is when people like you discover the truth and stop feeding the monster.

Take your stand right now.  Search the Internet and learn everything you can about ozone.  When you’re happy this is not another marketing scam patching together erroneous data to part you from your dollars, then come back here and join the ozone users.

The solution is simple:

Cold water that goes to your washing machine is first passed through a small ozone generator that fixes to the wall near your tub.

The ozone generator produces ozone only when the washing machine is turned on and water flows.

The ozone is injected into the water under pressure.  This ozone is highly unstable and will only remain in the water for about 30 minutes, but in that time it is highly active seeking to attach to other electrically charged particles.  Dirt and stains are exactly what the ozone is looking for.  The stain particles elope with the ozone; the ozone kills all odor-creating bacteria; the laundry is cleaned and there is no residue in the clothing and no pollution from toxic detergent compounds.

You get to enjoy clean linen with a delightfully fresh smell.


So simple you will laugh – so effective you will cry!


It is a crime that Mankind has been brainwashed to believe that laundry detergent is necessary.  This is indeed brainwashing simply to create another industry which encourages people to buy toxic products in wasteful and toxic packaging over and over and over again.

It’s time to wake up!

simple effective ozone water for clean laundry

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