Reactivating Detergent Residue in Your Clothing

by | Sep 6, 2016

It wasn’t until we installed the G3 Ecozone Laundry Ozonator that we realized just how much laundry soap residue was left in our garments. towels and linen after using ‘regular’ powdered detergent..

The laundry ozone machine injects pure ozone into the water as it flows into the washing machine.  In other words, the water is super-oxygenated.  In most cases you do not need to add ANY detergent to this water.  That super-oxygenated water does everything that your soap powder or liquid laundry detergent has been doing, but it does it even better.

When we lifted the lid of the top-loading washing machine, what really surprised us was the amount of soap appearing in the water.  we could feel it and we could smell it.  From whence came all of that soap?  Before running the ozone machine, we set the machine to run a rinse cycle, just in case there was any residual soap in the machine, but this looked like a ‘normal’ wash..


it took three full washes with ozone before all traces of the laundry detergent disappeared.  And that was just one load.  To totally expunge all traces of detergent from our wardrobe would take a very long time!

It would be easy to say that it doesn’t matter because you don’t have an allergic reaction to laundry detergent.  Perhaps I can qualify that statement: You don’t experience any obvious reaction to laundry detergent.  No-one is immune to the effects of toxic chemicals.  The fact that some people are more sensitive and exhibit obvious or immediate physiological symptoms may actually be a blessing for them.  They learn early in life to eliminate this major causation of disease from their lives.  They already know the harmful effects of chemicals on and in the human body.

The connection may never be made between disease experienced many years down the road and the use of laundry detergent.  But since we know there is a better alternative and one that also does not pollute the environment, there may be some sense in making the change now.

Disease & Detergent Residue Connection

You may never make the connection between disease and the longterm use of toxic laundry detergent.  But the truth is that you don’t need to.  It’s time to clean up our act, for ourselves, for our families and for our environment.


are you reactivating laundry detergent residue in the clothes you are wearing?


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