There is one great law of the body which should constantly be remembered: Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs up to 80% of whatever is placed upon it.  Therefore, if a substance is too toxic or suspect to eat or drink, then don’t put it on your skin or in your mouth.  Commercially produced mouthwashes ALL state clearly:  ‘DO NOT SWALLOW’.

As the most powerful anti-microbial known to man and being a completely natural phenomenon, ozone rightfully has a role to play in medicine and in health-care.  The next time you reach for that bottle of bright green or blue or orange mouthwash, take a good look at the label.


Alcohol is often a significant factor in mouthwash and is now known to contribute to, if not cause oral cancer.  Triclosan, benzydamine, betamethasone are just a few of the ingredients commonly found in mouthwash and the safety of them is questionable.

Ozonated water, on the other hand has only one ingredient added:  Ozone.  If ingested in large quantities, it can cause illness.  Simply rinsing your mouth with ozonated water, such as comes out of your laundry ozone machine, makes for a simple and safe mouth rinse.

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.  I am simply sharing what I do and what I believe.  Ultimately, YOU have the power of discernment and the choice is yours as to whether you believe the mouthwash advertising or seek safe, simple, natural alternatives.

ozonated water - the perfect mouthwash


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