Ozone is an extremely powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial element on its own.  However, ozone is quickly dissipated by heat, evaporation and ionic transfer.  That means the extra oxygen atom in ozone is desperate to leave home and it jumps upon any stray dirt or stain molecule to achieve this.  By the time the laundry is dry, there is little if any ozone left.  It’s either eloped with a carbon or some other atom or it’s joined up with other stray atoms to make good, old-fashioned, breathable oxygen.

The G3 Laundry Ozone Machine is equipped with a silver (Ag) probe that dissolves by electrolysis into the wash water as the washing machine is filling.  Some of the ‘dissolved’ or colloidal silver ions remain in the clothing after drying.  Silver is also an incredibly powerful anti-bacterial and antimicrobial.

The tradition of using silver cutlery and silver plates was started by kings and queens who could afford not to experience sickness or death from salmonella etc. found on eating utensils.  The excessive use of silver is believed to have given their blood a blue tinge, which lead to the title ‘Blue-Bloods’.  The tradition seems to have stuck, even though they have dishwashers now!

And the tradition in some households of only using the best silver when guests arrived, was to ensure they did not poison them during their visit.


Smelly Feet Meet Ozone in the Toezone

That horrendous funk in your sons socks (it’s usually boys!) is the gas emitted by the production of bacteria gobbling up the little particles of sweat.  It is essentially a bacterial fart that any schoolboy would be proud of …for some reason, known only to schoolboys.

Ozone LOVES bacteria.  Bye bye foot funk.  Silver also loves bacteria.  Bye bye foot funk forever!

purifying water with ozone that is used to wash laundry


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