environmentally friendly laundry solution using ozone instead of detergent

A Cleaner World Awaits

ecozone G3 ozone generator fills your washer with non-polluting oxygen atoms that clean, sanitize and purify your laundry right when you need them
alternative laundry solution without detergent - zero pollution

Healthy Laundry

The perfect detergentless laundry solution is at your finger tips …but do you have the nerve to be different?

Effective Cleaning Power

Effective ionic removal of dirt and stains.  Sounds a bit too ‘New Age Techy’?  Let me tell you a secret …it’s been used in some commercial laundries for decades!

Fresh & Healthy

Being sensitive to laundry detergent is a great blessing – the body’s natural warning system is screaming out that laundry detergent is toxic, it’s still in the linen and it’s next your skin all day, every day!

Zero Pollution

Can you believe that?  Zero pollution!  If it weren’t for the fact that it’s true, I wouldn’t believe it myself.   …what??

Where to Buy

The Camelot-Store is closed, but you can still get hold of these incredibly effective ozone laundry machines.  Send us a message for details:

What’s in the Box?

Installation couldn’t be easier …well, I suppose it could if a strapping hunk jumped out of the box, wrapped in a towel, and said he was going to fix it for you.  But whilst we’re working on that solution, you need to put 2 or 3 screws in the wall using the template and screwdriver provided, connect the cold water hose and plug in the electrical adapter.  Either that or you make the coffee and let someone else do it.

G3 ecozone ozone generator for washer - open view
ecozone ozone machine for home washer laundry - end view
ozone generator for laundry easy to install
ozone machine using very little power to make ozone for the laundry

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to refill the ozone machine with ozone?
A great question!  And the answer is no.  These ozone generators make the ozone on-demand.  Essentially replicating how ozone is made in nature using ultraviolet light and electricity, ozone is easy to make as you need it.
Is ozone harmful?
High concentrations of ozone in the air can certainly cause major health concerns, since life on Planet Earth only requires about 17% oxygen concentration.  However, laundry ozone generators dissolve the ozone into the water as the washer is filling.  It is highly recommended not to put your head in the washer as it is filling.  And tempting as it might be, please don’t put smelly children or pets in the washer, it’s no fun for them and they could actually die …and that does not even bare contemplation.
Why does the hot water have to be turned off?
Ozone is more easily dissolved in cold water.  The ozone concentration decreases as the water temperature increases.  Therefore, we only recommend using cold water for laundry.  This is saving hotels and commercial laundries tens of thousands of dollars every year just on water heating bills
What is the difference between the G1 and the G3 ozone generators?
Both the G1 and the G3 produce the same amount of ozone.  The G3 ozone generator has a variable output according to requirements and has a built-in colloidal silver generator that produces billions of silver ions that provide additional antibacterial properties that last for up to 30 days; think of it as a built-in deodorant in your son’s stinky socks!
Do I still need to use detergent?
Generally speaking, you can forget about using detergent.  However, some stubborn stains or heavy grease may still require pretreatment with soap, detergent or spot cleaner.
Can I have my money back? I prefer the smell of detergent
Camelot Health is happy to provide a 30 day money back ALMOST no quibble, no questions asked refund policy.  We really want everyone to be happy.  if you find that you miss the detergent fumes or the delicious laundry itch in that exotic location, then we’ll refund your money.   But please be sure to read our terms and conditions, because there is one teensy weensy little caveat:  The item MUST be returned in the original packaging and unmarked/undamaged within 30 days.  I know it’s such a bugger having to keep all that packaging, but some people think it’s okay to mail things back in black poly sacs.  No sir! no, no no!  We get really mean when that happens …’we keepses your munny!’  Other than that, I think you might find us very friendly and helpful.  And we also like animals.                     wash!)

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.