Get Outta here!

are you still hanging on to dirty old laundry habits?

Letting go of old habits can be tough; that applies to everyone.  But many of our habits are indoctrinations, either from our parents and peers or directly from the media.  As many people are finally discovering, the mainstream media is entirely owned and operated by a few people whose interests are exclusively about making money.  No consideration is given to the health and welfare of people or this planet.  Every single aspect of our lives must be scrutinized to determine if what we are doing is healthful or harmful.  This is the New Golden Age; it is the age of the ultimate enlightenment, but it’s going to require some work from each of us.

Laundry detergent is one of the most harmful substances on this planet, and considering the enormous quantities that are poured into lakes, rivers and oceans every single day you must realize that you are participating in the killing Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.

…and it’s your choice.

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