Your Dirty Laundry Habit is Killing Me

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We all know that statistics are nothing more than extrapolations of facts twisted into interesting and unusual shapes to serve the specific needs of the Twister.  But when those extrapolations all point in the same direction, no matter how distorted the facts become, then hidden within is a message that begs attention.  A case in point: according to one statistic I read recently, the total number of plastic jugs and bottles used for the packaging of liquid laundry detergent in one year, if one had the time and inclination to lay them end to end, would create a colourful plastic snake long enough to wrap right around our beautiful planet and half way around again.

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Of course, statistics are used to tell all kinds of lies, so I thought I should gather the data and work it out for myself.  According to the figures extracted from Statistics Canada and other mainstream statistical bodies and using the measurements of the last plastic jug we purchased ‘BOL’ (Before Ozonated Laundry), the number of plastic laundry jugs discarded in CANADA  …think about that for a moment – just the laundry detergent jugs thrown away in CANADA in a single year, would only reach three quarters of the way around Mother Earth’s beautiful body.  You see?  It’s only half as bad as that statistic would have us believe!

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Now call me a misog, but there’s a part of me that finds even this figure unacceptable.  It would be unacceptable if the string of plastic laundry containers disposed of in Canada stretched from one side of Canada to the other; I mean, that’s a long way; or even just across British Columbia …but all the way down to Australia and half way back up again?  You cannot be serious!

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laundry detergent is killing mother earth

Our habit of ‘doing’ laundry is as old as the hills, but in 1933 the first synthetic surfactant was introduced to the market.  Since then, the number of ingredients in laundry detergent has increased exponentially along with toxicity and serious health issues.  Add to that an explosion in marketing a detergent that is sold in plastic jugs to a proliferating and increasingly affluent human population and we have a serious problem Houston.  And almost all of those plastic detergent jugs end up as ‘landfill’ …what an interesting word that is: ‘LANDFILL’ – it quite removes the sting out of what it really is.

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