Your Dirty Laundry Habit is Killing Me

a brilliant solution to a world of gloom
Just to make you feel a bit better about your role in this calamity, our Trump-crazed cousins south of the border are well ahead of us, in that, if they could break away from their televised political dramas long enough to actually try this, Americans could circumnavigate the globe a fist full of times each year with their own plastic laundry jug waste.  And if you really want to get into it, the global sales figure for laundry detergent is estimated to be $61 billion and rising.
Camelot Health Giving Back to Mother Earth
Using an average price of $10 per jug, you and few friends could pave a road around the equatorial girth of this glorious blue speck of Universal dust that is 44 jugs wide, each and every year! 
Holy shit!  I am searching for better expletives to describe that feeling of horror that rises in me when I realize what this numskull human being has been doing for so long.

Stop this nonsense!  STOP IT!

You and millions of people just like you are also the hapless, witless actors in a truly scary movie that involves wrapping little children in rags soaked in a toxic solution every night and day and sending them out into a monstrously polluted existence.

zero pollution laundry ozone solution

Now for Some Good News

Ozone has some pretty remarkable properties that have led to its widespread use in industry for more than a century.
Ozone can be dissolved in water, imparting phenomenal antimicrobial and cleaning powers, just long enough to run a wash cycle in a washing machine. After that it escapes by itself into the atmosphere to become ….oxygen. ‘No way!’ you say. I do say. Not an ounce of pollution is washed down the drain to cause fish to sprout an additional head or two, except perhaps for the residue of detergent that remains in clothing and linen after ‘traditional’ washing methods. That’ll take 2 or 3 washes to expunge, but then you’re free to go.

‘Ozone’ …it’s such an easy word to say
a life without pollution caused by laundry detergent
No more buying plastic jugs of poison; no more poisoning our rivers and oceans on a daily basis,

Would you like to give up your role in this sick movie? Or are you so stuck in your ways that only when you hear the Earth groan for yourself will you contemplate changing?

Just think about it now: no more disposable plastic jugs, no more pouring poison down the drain so that it can re-emerge into your drinking water supply; the clothing that you wear next to your skin is once again, clean and free from chemicals that have been leaching into your body every hour of every day. I’m sure I could conjure up a few more scary metaphors that would render you into a sobbing mess. But my purpose here is not really to upset you, (sorry if I did), but to point out to you that the alternative is right here, right now and has been used in commercial laundries for decades. For the sake of a bite from the $60 billion detergent industry Cherry, a few corporations would rather you didn’t know about laundry ozone machines. Now you do.

Now dry your eyes, hold my hand and allow me to show you an alternative, which I have to say, is pretty cool.