The Great Scented Laundry Deception

by | Sep 28, 2016

The truth about scented laundry detergent may shock you.  Through the power of marketing, we have all been lead to believe that our clothes should smell of lemons, pine trees, lavender or even ‘mountain spring’ …whatever that might smell like!  The idea is of course, to evoke pleasant imagery into the minds of customers that makes them feel good.  If the thought of fields of French lavender stirs your heart, you’re much more likely to buy a product that mentions lavender and even smells of it.  If your grandmother used a lemon to clean her house then you might be inclined to buy ‘lemon scented’ cleaners.  But what you might not know is those scented laundry detergents rarely, if ever, contain the real substance.

Scented products are commonly odorized using a mix of chemicals compounds that can have dramatic and harmful effects upon your health …and you’ll probably never ever know that your health issues are being triggered by toxic scented compounds.  Scientists have broken down odors into a chemical catalogue.  If you want a particular scent in your product, it can be conjured up in a laboratory, without any thought that Mother Nature might have the ability to blend substances in a non-harmful or even healthful way.

Welcome to The Disturbing World of Scent Marketing

Big corporate marketers are concerned primarily with profit.  The game has been to generate the greatest possible demand for a product, produced at the lowest possible cost and sold at the highest possible price.  It is sad to say that some manufacturers incorporate elements that make their products addictive so you will keep on buying their stuff.  Adding a false fragrance to the product that encourages you to buy it is just part of the marketing game.  They win, you lose, ‘next customer please’!

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Scent marketing is BIG business.  The principle being that the olfactory senses provide continuous feedback about the environment in which we find ourselves and those senses cannot be turned off and they hard wire us to think and behave in certain ways.  The smell of freshly baked bread that is being piped out into the superstore parking lot is designed to make you feel really good and really hungry is not bread at all, but a chemical compound (see here).  The aroma of fresh bread is deconstructed into its chemical constituents and those constituents are then manufactured using raw chemicals, into a tincture.

Scents control our emotions.  Scent marketing is all about making customers feel good without having to spend time convincing them to buy the product.  They will just want it because even the word lavender makes them feel good.  But that is not necessarily good for your health nor is it good for the health of the planet and finally, many people are realizing that life is a whole lot better when we live it for we, we, we rather than me, me, me; ‘how can I be of service’, rather than ‘what can I get for me’.

The Lean Clean Ozone Machine

Using an ozone generator to fix ozone into water as it enters the washing machine is just one small step to becoming a ‘We’ society as opposed to a ‘Me’ society.  If you are not contributing to the massive onslaught against the environment through toxic laundry water and you are not putting those same harmful chemicals onto your skin (since they remain in your clothes and linen) then everyone wins.  You might have to pay the equivalent of two years’ worth of laundry detergent to buy an ozone generator, but that’s two years’ worth of poisons you are not pouring into our common water source and it’s two years of health that you are reclaiming for you and your family.  And if that’s not enough for you, ozonated laundry smells REALLY good too!