Grabbing a box of laundry powder or a plastic bottle of liquid laundry detergent whilst drifting (or racing) down the aisles in the grocery store is a habit and it’s one of the nastiest habits a human being can develop.  Let me explain.

Every action we take; every purchase that we make; every word that we speak and every thought that we think has an effect.  It’s one of the Great Laws of life and there is no escaping them.

Changing our thoughts is really difficult.  It’s not impossible, but it’s difficult.  Changing our acts of speech requires self-control, which is easier than changing our thoughts and this world would certainly be a better place if everyone exerted self-control.  The one thing we can ALL change is what we purchase in the shops and giant stores.

When we purchase laundry detergent, we are making a statement.  We are saying ‘I permit these chemicals to harm my children’.  We are saying ‘I agree to pollute the waterways and the oceans with the toxic waste water from my washing machine’.

That’s a big ol’ horse pill to swallow, but it’s absolutely true.  We are each responsible for our actions and the moment we become aware of the effects and repercussions of our actions, we become complicit in the crime of pollution and willful negligence.  We cannot undo that knowing.  That is the Great Moment of Choice in our lives; it is an opportunity to change something; to improve something; to bring light to a dark place. The suppression of conscious awareness may enable us to not see or ever contemplate the need to change, but our subconscious knows and if we wish to make this world a better place for our children, then we must seize every opportunity to make improvements where we have the power so to do.

‘We do not inherit this planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children’

(native American proverb)


A laundry ozone generator simply injects powerful anti-microbial ozone gas into the laundry water as it enters the washing machine.  This sterilized, ozonated water kills all bacteria and odors and it strips the dirt and stains from fabrics through its inherent unstable electrical condition.  The only by-product is oxygen.  Ozone is completely non-allergenic and it saves a heap of money in detergent and electricity costs.  Machines and clothes last much longer (extensively caused by heating and cooling of water).

change your habits to help the environment and your health


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