We Are Camelot

Purposefully seeking ways to ensure that our created environment is the best that we can achieve from the perspective of nurturing the natural habitat, ensuring the sustainability of that which we use and beautifying that which we have already damaged or destroyed.

Camelot is the home of the fabled Round Table of legendary King Arthur.  Seated at a round table, all are equal, no-one is hidden from view and all have equal rights, equal space and all voices are heard equally by all.  Energy circulates, passing from one to another and there is no beginning and there is no end.  Everything is in balance.  This is a fitting place from which to build a new world; to cooperate with people who share a vision that brings about real change through encouraging a desire to put right the damage that mankind has done to this beautiful planet and Her atmosphere and empowering people to take action.

Camelot Health Technologies is committed to finding safer, gentler, healing solutions to a few of the most harmful elements Man has created and brought into his daily use.  A group of like-minded people, meet on a weekly basis to design and create a better future for our children and the other inhabitants of Mother Earth.  Ecozone is the first tiny step in a long march to a brighter future for all and you are invited to become a part of this vision.

David & Lynne have been partners in business for nearly 3 decades ad are committed to peace, protecting the environment and caring for animals in need.