a laundry solution so pure you could drink it
Your laundry just got cleaner, safer, healthier and environmentally sustainable
ozone solutions for laundry in canada

Changing the world requires changing our habits

Are you ready for a change?

The Camelot Store is closed, however you there are still a few ozone machines available at an incredibly low price of $360 with FREE shipping throughout North America


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Love it

There’s nothing to dislike about it  ….well, unless you were hoping to find a manly hunk inside the box to install it for you! (although you don’t actually need one)


Washing your clothes in ozone sounds weird, but it’s scientifically sound, functionally brilliant and it’s been used in secret for years!


and ozone is so useful, that you’ll be using your laundry water for everything!

laundry ozone generators for front loading and top loading washers


more than a big hole in the sky

Using pure ozone for laundry isn’t just a concept, an idea or a fantasy; it ‘s a very real solution that’s been used in some commercial laundries for decades, but concealed from the public eye.  Would you keep trekking to the store to buy more toxic laundry detergent if you knew there was a better, safer, cleaner and healthier way?

Why Ozone?

  • Laundry ozone is safe for all the family
  • Ozone is effective at cleaning
  • Ozone eliminates or reduces the need for laundry detergent*
  • Ozone’s antimicrobial properties means less odor
  • Ozone acts 3000 times faster than chlorine bleach
  • Ozone is natural …it really is completely natural
  • Ozone is easily produced on demand
  • Considerable cost savings in the home
  • Laundry ozone is kind on the environment
  • Laundry ozone is kind on the human body

*NOTE: Some stains may need to be pre-soaked or spot-cleaned using detergent or other cleaning agent

advanced laundry ozone technology for the home

Significant Savings

  • Save on Hot Water – Ozone only works in cold water, thus eliminating the need to heat water;
  • Save on Washing Machine Repairs & Replacement – frequent heating and cooling causes wear and tear on the washing machine, requiring more frequent repairs or replacement
  • Save on Detergent – Elimination or drastic reduction in the expense of detergents
  • Save on Clothing – Hotels report a 20 to 30% longer lifespan for linen when using ozone

All proceeds from the sale of these ozona machines is going to help animal rescue at The Llama Sanctuary.

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More Benefits of Ozone

  • Smells great  – no artificial scent is added to the laundry and yet it comes out smelling really fresh and the laundry room smells great too;
  • Zero pollution – the environmental impact of ozonated laundry water is absolutely nil and can run directly into the sewer, septic field or even the garden**
  • Improved Health – completely non-allergenic and safe for babies and people with sensitive skin.  The only by-product of washing in ozone is an increase in health-giving oxygen in your home;
  • Easy to install.  Includes one cold water washer hose, one 12v power adapter, 3 screws and wall plugs a screwdriver and owners manual.

**NOTE – It takes 2 or 3 washes for laundry to be completely cleansed of the detergent that has previously been used.


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an environmentally friendly alternative to laundry detergent
Laundry talk just became sexy!

‘I don’t get excited about doing laundry.  I’m a guy!  It’s now my number one chat-up line and it works almost as well as the laundry ozone machine.’

‘My mom told me to rinse the baby clothes three times after washing them with detergent, otherwise it would cause a rash or just make him irritable.  And I’m like, what about me?  If it’s bad for baby, it’s bad for me, right?  I get irritable too!’

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